The Hull House Coffee Shop.

The many residents of Hull-House gave of their time and expertise in order to ensure success. We call that crowdsourcing now!

The Jane Addams Papers welcomes volunteers and interns to help with our work. Interns and volunteers can either come to the project offices as Ramapo College of New Jersey (Mahwah, N.J.), or work remotely from their own locations.

Among the opportunities are:

  • Transcribing Addams documents for the digital edition
  • Conducting research at specific libraries to obtain new Addams documents (list forthcoming)
  • Drafting biographical identifications, organizational histories, summaries of events, and descriptions of places for topics covered in the Addams documents.
  • Developing National History Day guides for Addams materials or lesson plans for documents-based curriculum.
  • Translating Addams documents to English (we currently have a small number of French and German letters).
  • Building a digital map of Jane Addams’s activities.
  • Guest blogging: if you have written a paper or essay using the Jane Addams Papers or focusing on Addams or her associates, write a blog summarizing your findings and we’ll publish it on our website or if you enjoy writing about history, you can research and write blogs about the project’s work or about Addams’ life.
  • Design logos, posters, and the website.
  • Programming to assist developing our website and digital archive.

If you are interested in assisting the project with any of these tasks, please contact Cathy Moran Hajo.