Jane Addams writes “help”

The Jane Addams Papers Project hires

  • Ramapo College Students
    • Editorial Assistants, who digitize and analyze Addams materials from microfilm and other sources.
    • Research Assistants, who research and write identifications on the people, organizations and events mentioned in the documents
    • Digital Edition Assistants, who help clear materials for publication and proofread texts
    • Research Assistants (book) who conduct guided research for the book edition.
    • Publicity Assistants, who promote the project on social media, write blog posts, and help bring attention to our work.
  • Interns are welcomed during the semester or in summer months to assist on any of the above tasks
  • Volunteers are welcomed at an time to assist with the above task or to conduct local research, participate in crowdsourcing transcriptions, and in other ways.
  • On-Site researchers to help conduct searches of archives that are difficult for our staff to access.
  • Translators, who help provide translations of foreign language materials.

Contact Cathy Moran Hajo (chajo@ramapo.edu) if you are interested in learning more.