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The Jane Addams Papers at Ramapo College of New Jersey


2016-2017 from left: Katherine, Emily, Julianne, Paul, Allie, Bert, Meg, Dara, Cathy, Sam, Tori, Sara Catherine, Renee, and Sarah.


Cathy, Stacy and Tori at the ADE meeting in Buffalo, 2017


Ellen Skerrett

Ellen Skerrett has a M.A. from the University of Chicago (1974), and has conducted Chicago-based archival research for the JAPP since 2006. She is an expert on Chicago and Jane Addams, having worked as associate editor of the web-based Urban Experience in Chicago: Hull-House and its Neighbors, 1889-1963 and has written many books on Chicago.

Edward Bradley

Edward Bradley is a proofreader at the project.

Renee Delora

Renee Delora is our Education Coordinator. She grew up in Cedar Grove, New Jersey and was an editorial assistant with the project from 2015-2018. She is a graduate of Ramapo College of New Jersey, where she majored in history and teacher education.


2017 – Emily, Utkarsh, Cathy and Tori

Caitlin Biebrich is a Research Assistant.

Kimberlee Bongard is a Digital Edition Assistant.

Cassandra Chu Currens is an Editorial Assistant.

Shannon Crosson is a Research Assistant.

Alexandra Davies is a Research Assistant.


Christina, 2016

Christina Dwyer is an Editorial Assistant. She is in her final year at Ramapo College of New Jersey, majoring in literature and working towards a certificate in secondary education.

Talia Felner is an Editorial Assistant.

Emma Lucier-Keller is an Editorial Assistant. She is a senior at Ramapo College of New Jersey, majoring in History and minoring in Women and Gender Studies. Additionally, Emma is president of Colleges Against Cancer, a co-chair on the Relay for Life Committee, member of Enactus, and provides campus tours as a Ramapo Admissions Student Ambassador.

Katherine McNellis is an Editorial Assistant.

Mike Romano is an Editorial Assistant. He is a senior at Ramapo College of New Jersey, majoring in American Studies and Education. Mike also has a B.A. in History, with a focus on the teaching side of history.

Jake Schnaak is an Editorial Assistant.  He is in his Junior year and is majoring in Literature.

Mary Waller is a Publicity Assistant.


  • Claudia Esker (Ramapo College)
  • Barbara Gombach (Columbia University)
  • Kortney Kotow (Marywood University)

Omeka Developers

Advisory Board

Mary Lynn Bryan, editor of the Jane Addams Papers, retired (Fayetteville, NC), for her expertise in Jane Addams’ life and connections with archivists, museum curators, and others working with Addams materials.

Wendy Chmielewski, Curator of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection (Swarthmore, PA), co-editor of Jane Addams and the Practice of Democracy (2009), for her expertise with Jane Addams, the history of the peace movement, and access to materials at Swarthmore College.

Marilyn Fischer, Department of Philosophy, University of Dayton, co-editor of Jane Addams and the Practice of Democracy (2009), and Jane Addams’s Writings on Peace (2003); for her expertise on political philosophy, American pragmatism, and Jane Addams.

Ann D. Gordon, editor of the Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony Papers, retired (New Brunswick, NJ), for her knowledge of Addams’ life, and advice on research and editing.

Esther Katz, editor of the Margaret Sanger Papers, New York University (New York, NY), for her knowledge of the history of the 20th century and the Progressive Era, and editing.

Louise W. Knight, author of two Addams biographies, Citizen: Jane Addams and the Struggle for Democracy (2005) and Jane Addams: Spirit in Action (2010), for her expertise on Jane Addams.

Patrick Murray-John, Omeka Dev Team Manager (RRCHNM, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia), for his expertise with the Omeka platform, and plugin development. The RRCHMN will donate 3 % of his time to consult with the editor and programmer.

Carter Jones Meyer, Professor of History, Ramapo College of New Jersey, for her expertise on late nineteenth and early twentieth century history and for her assistance selecting Ramapo students and fellows.

Stephen P. Rice, Dean of the Salameno School for Humanities and Global Studies, Ramapo College of New Jersey (Mahwah, NJ), for assistance and advice on positioning the JAPP at Ramapo, working with its faculty and students, and help selecting the Fellow.

Rima Lunin Schultz, creator of Women Building Chicago 1790-1990: A Biographical Dictionary, and Urban Experience in Chicago: Hull-House and Its Neighborhoods, 1889-1963 website for her knowledge of Addams, Chicago women, and Hull-House.

Jennifer Scott, director of the Jane Addams-Hull-House Museum, for her knowledge of Addams and Hull-House.

Jennifer Stertzer, Senior editor at the George Washington Papers and Manager of Digital Programs at the Center for Digital Editing at the University of Virginia.

Stacie Taranto, Assistant Professor of History, Ramapo College of New Jersey, for her expertise in women’s history and for her assistance selecting Ramapo students and fellows.


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Former Staff

Paul Brennan (2016-2018)

Kelsey Cloughley (2016-2018)

Julianne De Lisi (2015-2017)

Samuel Dresher (2017)

Paige Drews (2018)

Abi Duffany (2017-2018)

Emily Dzuback (2016-2018)

Jeffrey B. Fischer (2015-2016)

Sarah Gallopo (2016-2017)

Zack Henderson (2017-2018)

Jenny Hubert (2017)

Kyle Huntley (2016-2017)

Anamika Khanal (2017)

Conor Garvey (2017)

Anthony Gramuglia (2017-2018)

Sara Catherine Lichon (2016-2018)

Dara McGuinness (2015-2017)

Robert Piper (2016)

Samantha Risman (2016-2017)

Nina Schulze (2017-2018)

Margaret Szydlik (2016-2017)

Katherine Talian (2016)

Utkarsh Uprety (2017)


Editorial Staff of the Jane Addams Papers at Duke University

Mary Lynn Bryan, Editor

Maree de Angury, Assistant-to-the-Editor

Barbara Bair, Consulting Associate Editor

Ellen Skerrett, Chicago historian

Richard R. Seidel, Chicago researcher

Fred Cuddy, Web designer and project IT

Allen F. Davis, Advisory Committee

Anne F. Scott, Advisory Committee

David Chesnutt, Advisory Committee