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The Jane Addams Papers is a scholarly editing project publishing the correspondence and writings of Jane Addams from 1901-1935 in a freely accessible digital edition and in a selected print edition. The site has been built by editors, working with students at Ramapo College of New Jersey.

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Jane Addams’ “Helping Hands”

Chicago, Il. is home to “Helping Hands,” the city’s first monument devoted to Jane Addams and those whom she helped. Addams fought for equality and is best known as the

Women and the Nobel Peace Prize

Jane Addams, ca. 1915 (Swarthmore Peace Collection). Jane Addams was the first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts in the peace

Democracy for Women and Democracy for Peace: A War on Two Fronts

One of the most interesting things about transcribing for the Jane Addams’ Papers Project is reading about people’s ideas or dreams of the future. The feeling is analogous to reading

Celebrity Bachelor at Hull-House

In April 1907, Hull-House was likely abuzz when its very own Mr. Le Moyne was named one of Chicago’s most eligible bachelors. The Chicago Tribune reported that the 45-year-old Louis

Modern Marriage of the Twentieth Century: A Companionate Union

On November 22, 1927, the grand-niece of Jane Addams was married at her home in Girard, Kansas. Josephine Haldeman-Julius, the daughter of Marcet and Emanuel Haldeman-Julius, was joined in a

The 1915 Trojan Women Tour

1915 was a momentous year for women’s efforts for peace and suffrage. Jane Addams and others established the Women’s Peace Party (WPP), met at the International Congress for Women, formed

“From Hull-House to Herland”: Lorraine Krall McCrary’s Guest Blog Post

I had the pleasure of asking Lorraine Krall McCrary about her new article "From Hull-House to Herland: Engaged and Extended Care in Jane Addams and Charlotte Perkins Gilman," (Politics &

Progressin’: My Experience Working for the Jane Addams Papers Project

by Paige Drews, Susquehanna University What is the one word every college student is guaranteed to hear during their summer break? Internship.  Everyone wants to know the details: what does

Jane Addams, Alice Austen, and Virginia Woolf

Mary Rozet Smith and Jane Addams. This blog is a short exploration into the realm of female love and partnership within the late nineteenth to early twentieth century. Jane Addams

Teaching with Jane Addams

By Renee DeLora Over the last year, the Jane Addams Papers Project has been working on expanding audience participation by creating National History Day guides and lesson plans. This effort

Jane Addams

“Until industrial conditions in America are faced, the immigrant will continue to be blamed for conditions for which the community is responsible. There is no doubt that America has failed to make legislative provisions against those evils as other countries have done, partly because the average citizen holds a contemptuous attitude toward the ‘foreigner’ and is not stirred to action on his behalf.”

Pen and Book as Tests of Character, January 4, 1913

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