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03453vThe Jane Addams Papers Project was founded in 1975 by Mary Lynn Bryan at the University of Illinois at Chicago, later moving to Duke University. Bryan, Nancy Slote, and Maree de Angury conducted an intensive search for Addams’ documents, publishing the 82-reel Jane Addams Papers microfilm edition in 1985 and a detailed guide and index in 1993 (University Microfilms International). The Project will complete three volumes of the planned six-volume Selected Papers of Jane Addams, covering the years 1860-1900 (University of Illinois Press). With the completion of Volume 3, editors Bryan and Maree de Angury will retire.

Dr. Cathy Moran Hajo re-launched the Jane Addams Papers Project at Ramapo College of New Jersey’s Salameno School of Humanities and Global Studies (SSHGS) in 2015 with a new approach to making the materials available. Her goals are to digitize documents covering the years 1901-1935, making them freely available and searchable, to provide context for the documents by adding identifications of people, places, events, and organizations, to locate additional Addams materials and add them to the edition, and complete the remaining volumes of the Selected Papers of Jane Addams covering 1901-1935. An overarching aim of the project is to serve as a lab for undergraduate students to gain practical experience in historical research, writing, public history, and digital humanities.

For the Addams Project’s editorial guidelines, see our wiki.

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  1. Dear All:
    What a fabulous job you are doing here. Congratulations.

    I was particularly glad to see this piece about Mary Rozet Smith. By way of background to my interest in her: I have been a scholar of Jane Addams since graduate school at UIC, where I worked for MaryLynn giving tours of Hull-House. I wrote my masters’ thesis on the relationships among the Hull-House women, in particular between Mary Rozet Smith and Addams.

    I’ve taught and written about HH an Addams ever since. On this year’s Addams’ birthday, Friday, September 6th, I”m dong a Facebook Live session with the YWCA Metro Chicago re Addams and Ida B. Wells. I hope you’ll listen in. Also, here is a link to an article I wrote, which I’m thinking could be a blog post for you. Do let me know. http://www.windycitymediagroup.com/lgbt/Twenty-years-at-Hull-House/58949.html. Here is my website address: rebeccasive.com.

    Best wishes. Rebecca Sive

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks so much for reaching out– we appreciate it! We will share your FB live event on Friday–and I’m looking forward to listening in. We would love to have any guest posts for the blog. Do reach out to chajo@ramapo.edu to talk more.


  2. I’m so thrilled by your work – and I too have a project! My great grandmother Nellie Wicks was the 30 year-plus receipient of the kindness and friendship of Jane Addams and other women of Hull House. She, and my great aunt and grandmother, wrote a lot about it – and I’ve turned it into an audio musical, Saint jane and the Wicked Wicks, which will be able to streamed live very soon, probably opening August 26, 2021. on Facebook we’re at SaintJanePlay.

    Rebecca, great to hear about your work, old friend!!
    Kristin Lems

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