Jane Addams’ unpublished writings are in the public domain, as are all of her published works written before 1923.

Unpublished documents — letters, diaries, speech texts — written more than 70 years from the death of the author are in the public domain. This holds for Jane Addams, who died in 1935. This also holds true of any of her correspondents who died before 1947.

Some of Addams’ published writings (book, journal and newspaper articles) may still be under copyright.

Details on the copyright holder or status of specific individuals, will be posted in the Jane Addams Digital Edition.

For more on copyright, see the Library of Congress’s resource page.

We are actively seeking copyright permission for Addams’ correspondents. If you are the rights holder or have information about the rights holder of the people named below, please contact us!

Abbott, Leonard Dalton (1878-1953) 1 comment

Ashcraft & Ashcraft

Baldwin, Ann L. (?-?)

Bardoux, Jaques (?-?) (France)

Bartel, Cora Patterson (1888-1971)

Boettcher, Dorothea (1852-?)

Boston Evening Traveler

Chicago City Homes Association

Civic League of Terre Haute

Cole, Georgia L. Allen (1887-?)

Collson, Mary E. (1871-?)

Corporation Tramways

Dougherty, Eleanor (1893-1968)

Georg, Charles J. (?-?)

Hackett, Francis (1883-1962)

Hamilton, Alice (1869-1970)

Hammond, H. O. (1858?-?)

Hill, Caroline Miles (1866-1951)

Hoblitt, Margaret (?-?)

Holmer, Carl L. (?-?)

Howells, John Mead (1868–1959)

Hulbert, Esther Margaret Linn (1880-1955)

Ickes, Harold LeClair (1874-1952)

Jencks, Elizabeth Platt (1865-ca. 1953)

Jones, Edward David (1870-?)

Jones, Mary (?-?)

Kellogg, Paul Underwood (1879-1958)

Kilmer, Angelique (1869-?)

King, William Lyons Mackenzie (1874–1950)

Knodle, Edith L. (1873-1952)

Kuhns, Maurice Simon (1859-1949)

Larson, Lewis E. (1874-?)

Lindsay, Samuel McCune (1869-1959)

Lockley, Fred (1871-1958)

Love, Charles A. (1873-?)

Lovejoy, Owen Reed (1866-1961)

Mason-Henry Press

McClure, Samuel Sidney (1857-1949)

McClure’s Magazine

McCulloch & McCulloch

Mee, John Hubert (1874-1949)

Miller, Frederick A. (1868-1954)

Münsterberg, Else (1884-1955)

Murphy, Annie (1877-?)

Myers, Harry J. (1874-?)

Nelson, A. H. (?-?)

Nestor, Agnes (1878-1948)

Noyes, Frank Brett (1863-1948)

Nutter, Charles Read (1870-?)

Orleans, C.K. (?-?)

Osgood, Irene Andrews (1879-1963)

Perry, Eustace (1887-1958)

Pethick-Lawrence, Frederick W. (1871-1961)

Pinkett, Harrison J. (1882-1960)

Robins, Raymond (1873-1954)

Rogers, Walter Stowell (1877-?)

Salisbury, Winifred (1880-1963)

Salomon, Alice (1872-1948)

Scudder, Vida Dutton (1861-1954)

Sinclair, Upton (1878-1968)

Smith, Elsie Madiera (1882-?)

Stebbins, Elizabeth Douglas (1881-1969)

Steiner, Edward A. (1966-1956)

Steuert, Frank A. (1871-1960)

Straube, Leopold P. (1871-1949)

Stronach, Addie B. (1872-?)

Swope, Mary Hill (1871-1951)

Wallace, Roy Smith (?-?)

Walsh, James J. (?-?)

Watson, I. H. (?-?)

Welch, Herbert (1862-1969)

Welcome, Joseph L. (1885-1978)

West, James E. (1876-1948)

Wethey, Leslie Eric (1887-1971)

Wigmore, John H. (?-?)

Woods, Eleanor Howard Bush (1873-1957)

Youngman, Adelaide (1874-1955)